Canon EVIL? Some concept images….

September 7, 2010

Canon EVIL V2 concept image

Canon EVIL V2 concept image

EVIL cameras are the coming thing. Nikon and Canon users are waiting for their respective brand’s foray into this uncharted and (possibly) super-popular territory.

For the uneducated: EVIL = Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lenses. A smaller body with interchangeable lenses? That sounds pretty amazing – especially with a big player like Canon or Nikon behind it.  (Aside: I spoke with several Sony NEX-5 owners at the recent Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival – none were overjoyed with their recent purchase.)

Nikon has submitted patents and is expected to announced a Nikon EVIL camera system at Photokina 2010 later in September. Only vague rumours on Canon’s intentions are available.

Idan Shechter of has put together some conceptual images of possible Canon EVIL cameras. Check his post – see the evolution of his concept images from V2 to V5. How close will his ideas be to the final Canon EVIL – if and when it is announced and released?

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