Possible New Nikon Lens and Canon 7D Tempest in a Teapot?

November 24, 2009

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Nikkor 135mm f/2DRumors are circulating regarding the Nikkor 135mm f/2.0D lens. Major online retailers are listing the lens as “out of stock.” Nikon rumors has posted a translated forum post from Germany. The poster tried to buy the venerable Nikkor 135mm only to be told it was unavailable. He was then told a new version would be out in December, listed at 1399 Euros.

This practice of updating store inventory records before officially releasing new product information has been seen before from both Canon and Nikon.  Only time will tell. Nikon Rumors speculates a new glass announcement the first week of December.

7D RAW quality a step backwards?

There is a storm of controversy surrounding the image quality of the new Canon 7D DSLR. Landscape photographer Darwin Wigget posted a scathing review regarding the image quality of the newest Canon DSLR offering. In his tests, his old Canon 450D produced better RAW images than the new Canon 7D.

What do you get from a revelation like this? Insurrection in the Canon camp: Pro 7D and Anti 7D shooters battling like gladiators in blog comments and forum threads (with Nikon users laughing on the sidelines).

Pro Photo Home did their own tests of the Canon 7D and Canon 450D raw abilities. In these tests, using different RAW processing programs, the 7D came out on top.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Is this a tempest in a teapot? This battle will probably continue, with many lives lost due to forum and comment flaming.

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