Rumors: 60D with GPS? Sony EVIL?

May 11, 2010

Leaked Canon 60D photo

Is this the mythical Canon 60D? Only time will tell.

Much like death and taxes: DSLR rumors are a constant. What are the newest? What’s the skinny? Read on…

Canon Rumors

There’s a plethora of Canon rumors.

  • A new processor is rumored – the DIGIC V which could appear on the mythical 60D and the 1Ds Mark IV.
  • Speaking of the Canon 60D, if the rumors are correct the new DSLR will have GPS functionality. Maybe Canon users will no longer have to purchase an expensive WiFi grip to enjoy GeoTagging as easily as Nikon users. (see the “leaked” photo above from
  • The 5D Mark III could be released next year, or so says Vincent Laforet.
  • dpreview has posted a review of the new Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS II
  • A new Canon flash is rumored. There may be some “new technology” built into the flash. Maybe this new technology will make Canon flashes as good as Nikon and its CLS system.

Source: Canon Rumors

Sony Rumors

The Sony EVIL NEX 3

The Sony EVIL NEX 3 has leaked images of the soon to be released Sony EVIL NEX 3. The price is expected to be AUD 1000. The Sony EVIL has some nice specs:

  • Image Sensor: 14.2 million effective pixels.
  • Sensor Size: APS-C-sized CMOS (23.4×15.6mm).
  • Lens: Sony E Series mount.
  • Shutter Speed: 30 to 1/4000 second. Flash sync: 1/160 sec.
  • Continuous Shooting: 7 frames per second

Source: Photo Rumors

Nikon Rumors

Things are a little barren in the Nikon world. What’s the deal Nikon?

The Four Thirds Rumors

Like Nikon, a rumor wasteland.

  • Olympus is expected to announce the freshly overhauled Olympus E-5 at Photokina in September. Another Micro Four Thirds camera is also expected to be announced.
  • Samsung could announce a new NX camera soon. The new NX5 could be a less a expensive version of the NX10 .
  • Leica, strangely,  is rumored to be announcing a full-frame Leica EVIL system at Photokina.
  • More news than a rumor: Firmware ver.1.3 for Panasonic GH1  is now available.


Stay tuned – we’ll bring you more gossip as it surfaces.

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