Brandon, online sensation and portrait photographer behind Humans of New York, has teamed up with the UN to go on a world wide tour to capture humanising portraits in his own unique way. First stop Iraq, and more proof that his unique ability to characterise an individual’s life story in a caption and photo is […]

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Phottix is ringing in the new year early with its new wireless flash trigger: The Phottix Aster These compact transmitter and receiver units will trigger compatible flashes up to 30 meters away (100 feet) at sync speeds between 1/160 and 1/200. The 4 channel transmitters and receivers offer some great features for aspirating strobists. A […]


On the Nikon front Nikon Rumors is reporting that Nikon 85mm f/3.5G DX Micro lens now available. A recent post on the same site said the new Nikon D3s would be in short supply in Canada over the next six months. Nikon issued a clarification saying they don’t expect shortages unless there is higher than […]

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