What camera kit would you take to the moon?

What would you take if you had a shoot on the moon?

An eagle eyed Reddit user (is there any other kind?) has spent some time detailing a fascinating breakdown of the kit used by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to capture their lunar landing- complete with exposer instructions. What’s more amazing is that ahead of their time NASA used a nifty little ‘life hack’. They eliminated the need for batteries through the use of a manual shutter.

How to take a group shot?

There is a reason the National Geographic remains the home of powerful and innovative photography. It’s because they have experienced people chipping in and guiding the next generation. And, with the blessing of the internet SEOs we have the ability to go back and cherry pick their best features. Good advice rarely changes. This composition advice from photojournalist Jim Richardson is wise and well written. For how, exactly, do you manage a group shot?