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Our eyes were drawn to an article by Scott Daveley on PetaPixel about his experience of recovering photos from a corrupted memory card. In the process Daveley discovered a program that while helping him save his corrupted pictures also recovered photos from the card that he had previously deleted on his camera. However, we’ll leave […]

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Are you new to the world of flash photography and the step-up from just using a camera to having kit seems slightly bigger than you thought? Or perhaps, you have all the kit but not the right settings and your photos aren’t turning out like expected. In either case its worth taking a look at […]

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If you want to take better photos you need to practice, maybe make a commitment. 365 day photo projects have become popular. Taking up the reins of a one year project, shooting each and every day, will help improve your skills as well as giving you a visual reminder of each day.


There are many ways to improve your skills: Join a local camera club, take part in an online forum, or watch videos.

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Advice on how to buy a camera bag. The humble camera bag is often overlooked, but in many ways it is one of the most important items in our kits.

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