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A well known saying banded about in business is the adage ‘innovate or die’. In a practice like photography innovation touches on everything from gear to shot composition, but it can be hard to find original new ways to boost the commercial side of things. Over at Expert Photography, Josh Dunlop, puts forward a compelling case […]

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Canon have released the results of a survey that reveals in 2013 about 18% of the consumer buying public unknowingly bought counterfeit or fake branded canon products. On top of this Canon reports that 12% of people knowingly bought fake products in 2013 because, according to the research, there is a general perception that fake […]

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Phottix is releasing a firmware upgrade for its Phottix Mitros TTL Flashes for Canon. Firmware Version v1.02B7


We get a lot of questions regarding the Phottix Odin, Strato II Multi and Strato and how they work together. It’s fairly easy to understand.


To the end the year here is a video from a photographer in Taiwan that recent tested out the Phottix Aion Wireless Timer.

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