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Phottix is releasing a firmware upgrade for its Phottix Mitros TTL Flashes for Canon. Firmware Version v1.02B7


We get a lot of questions regarding the Phottix Odin, Strato II Multi and Strato and how they work together. It’s fairly easy to understand.


To the end the year here is a video from a photographer in Taiwan that recent tested out the Phottix Aion Wireless Timer.

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An observer at a shoot sent in these photos. Xander Angeles, one of the top photographers in the Philippines (He shoot for, among others, FHM magazine) was seen using three Phottix PPL-400 Battery Powered Studio Lights in a recent shoot with model Kim Lee.

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Other than the flowing reports and updates of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami there has been a few interesting tid bits that may have slipped under the radar. recently posted a rumor about the upcoming Nikon D4 arriving with Intel’s Thunderbolt interface as well as hinting that there is something coming on April 4th, […]

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