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The Orton effect is a interesting way to add some jazz to your photos during post processing. Craig Ferguson, a Taiwan-based photographer, posted a tutorial on his site: (the) Orton Effect For Digital Darkrooms.


Everyone will acknowledge Adobe Photoshop as the industry standard for photo editing and retouching. Photoshop does have a few drawbacks: It’s huge, complex and intimidating. And, it’s expensive. For most “hobbyist” photographers, using Adobe Photoshop is like using an anvil to swat a fly. Enter Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3. This application is chocked-full of […]

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Not all of us are Adobe Photoshop experts. The premium image editing app has a very steep learning curve. Yes, the software can do amazing things – the caveat being you have to know how to these amazing things. Enter Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3.0. The add-on for Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, and Capture NX […]

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New camera owner: Fear not. Adobe has released Camera Raw 5.6 and Lightroom 2.6. New camera models are now supported. Canon 7D and G11 users no longer have to depend on DPP to do RAW conversions. The list of new supported cameras are: Canon EOS 7D Canon PowerShot G11 Canon PowerShot S90 Leaf Aptus II […]

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DVD Review: Real World HDR

October 13, 2009

HDR photography or High Dynamic Range  is all the rage. Three files, five, seven, all at different exposures, are combined to form a super-detailed image. Making an HDR image can be a frustrating process. Photomatix is the industry-standard HDR application, but it can be confusing to a recent HDR convert. Tone-mapping? Micro-smoothing? Sbould I use […]

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