Fiery celebrations in the Philippines for 8th Annual Block Party

May 19, 2014


Digital Photography Philippines Magazine’s 8th Annual Block Party made sure it was a hit with guests through a stunning display by fire dancers.  Making the most of the native fire dancing talent, which the Philippines is famous for, the performance gave professional photographers a chance to flex their photographic muscles.  Fire dancing requires practice and hard work but a good fire dancer is always going to get a party going. While it is tricky to do it is also tricky to photograph because of its high movement and contrast lighting, so DPP’s party gave photographers the perfect challenge to put Phottix products through their paces.

Photographer Ricky Ladia captured the fire dancer in the following way:

Shot with Fujifilm XT-1 with 10-24 Lens, f9.0, 1/2 sec exposure (camera movement on some photos to register light streaks)

3 Phottix Mitros+, 2 bare (accent lights), 1 with Phottix Luna Beauty Dish (key light)

Triggered by Strato 2 Multi

DSCF2345phottix DSCF2348phottix DSCF2365r

How would you set about capturing a fire dance?

Jason Yu May 21, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Excellent photos, I think when shooting these photos, speed control seems to be the key point.

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