Cover Photos Tips and the new Phottix Indra500 TTL Studio Light at a workshop at Photokina 2014 with Michael Zelbel.





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In this hands-on class, Jayesunn Krump will teach you to use your flash to its fullest potential.

Topics covered will consist of:

  • On and off-camera flash techniques
  • Flash modification using: reflectors, snoots, grids, soft boxes, umbrellas, colored gels
  • One light, multiple light and backlighting set-ups
  • Posing your subject

Location: 8126 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.

For more information, please visit:





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Phottix at TTLHK 2014 Expo

November 20, 2014

Hong Kong Photographer CY Hong gives a demo at the Phottix Booth.

Hong Kong Photographer CY Hong gives a demo at the Phottix Booth.

Team Phottix was among the stars at the recent TTLHK Photo Expo in Hong Kong. Among industry luminaries such as Joe McNally, Zack Arias, CM Leung, Peter Hurley, KedaZ, and David Nightingale led a series of top-notch events. Hong Kong photographers including CY Hong, Raymond Kam, Ming Chen, Peter Penn and Felix So took part in the festivities. [click to continue…]

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Submit your best portrait image to win a Phottix portrait lighting kit! Take part in this special contest and get some cool stuff from Phottix.

What can you win?

-Phottix Mitros+

-Phottix Odin TTL

-Phottix Luna Octabank with speedring for speedlights

-Phottix mount for the flash and Odin (Canon, Nikon or Sony)

Click here to enter:

Contest ends December 1, 2014.




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Kia Motors Bags Pibaq Inter-Car Tourney (ICBL) Inter-Car Basketball League 2014 SBP-Pinoy Basketball Qatar (PIBAQ) Al Gharafa Training Gym, Doha-Qatar.

Powered by Phottix

Powered by Phottix

“Team Kia Motors clinched the championship title after defeating Team Porsche in the Best-of-3 Championship Series of Pinoy Basketball of Qatar (Pibaq) Inter-Car Dealer tournament held at the Al Gharafa Sports Club recently.

Kia upset their opponent with a 23-point advantage. The final score was 85-62.”-Qatar Tribune Daily English Newspaper

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