More light with the Phottix FTx Flash Bars

September 5, 2011

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FTx3 with Flashes Flash Bar being used with a Phottix Para-Pro Umbrella.

FTx3 with Flashes Flash Bar being used with a Phottix Para-Pro Umbrella.

Hot shoe flashes are great but their power is limited. What can you do when you need more power?

Use more flashes.

Enter the Phottix FTx2 and FTx3 Flash Bars. FT flash bars allow photographers to mount two or more flashes. The FT series’ vertical umbrella holder helps keep flash heads centered in the umbrella for more even light.

Imagine five flashes blasting into a Phottix Para-Pro Umbrella at full power: That’s a lot of light.

Or, why use one flash at full power when you can use two at 1/2 power? Or one flash at 1/2 power when you can use four at 1/8 power? More flashes equal the same power output, super-fast recycling time and longer life for your batteries.

The FTx2 features a 28 cm bar with three cold shoe mounts.  The FTx3 has a 39 cm bar and five cold shoe mounts. Both come complete with an adjustable base, bar and vertical umbrella holder. They can be quickly disassembled and stored in the included carrying bag.

A standard 5/8” connection on the bottom, as well as a ¼” and 3/8” threaded insert (female) allow for easily mounting on light stands or tripods.

Contact you local Phottix retailer for more information or purchase at the Phottix Online Store.


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