Hong Kong film shot with the Phottix Trafo

December 8, 2011

What’s this? A still from a new short film shot with the Phottix Trafo DSLR Video Shoulder Rig. We can’t spill the beans on it yet as it is still in post production but it will be available online in the coming weeks.

What does Hong Kong filmmaker Douglas Chang think about the Trafo after using it on this project?

The phottix DSLR Rig is beautiful, useful and well built. The top handle for the cage is extremely useful for low angle shots. the front handle is firm and won’t slip around like those other cheap rigs. The handheld movement is very steady due to the nice counter balance weight in the back which can be adjusted according to your taste. There are also many additional add-on features for the rig such as the cinema mattebox, and multiple magic arms for you accessories (lcd lights, recording devices, boom mic and etc.). More importantly, the follow focus works like a gem! It is truly the one and only kit you’ll ever need for your DSLR or Prosumer video camera!

The Phottix Trafo comes in three models, perfect for every level of filmmaker. Check the Phottix Trafo announcement for more photos and information.


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