Mitros+ for Nikon v1.05 Firmware available

June 5, 2014

Update: There have been some issues reported with the upgrade apps. We are currently investigating and will repost when the issues have been resolved.

Phottix is releasing the v1.05 firmware upgrade or its Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon. Firmware Version v1.05 Change logs, install instructions and files are available in the below download links.

This firmware upgrade is for Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon, not Phottix Mitros (Classic) flashes.

What does the upgrade do?

  1. Optimized manual power levels when in Strato II Rx mode.
  2. Adjusted slave flash beep function (C.Fn 04 and C.Fn 13), and audible button feedback when adjusting flash settings.
  3. Optimized manual power levels when triggered in Odin Rx Manual mode.
  4. Optimized LCD display and control in Odin A: B Ratio mode.
  5. Adjusted Mitros+ Odin Tx mode when used on Channel 4.
  6. Optimized shutter speeds and syncing issues between Mitros+ in Odin Tx mode and Mitros+ Odin Rx mode or Mitros+ flashes mounted on an Odin Receiver.
  7. Corrects issues with Odin Tx and OP Tx modes and auto zoom functions.
  8. Corrects 18-24 zoom issues resulting from communication between camera and flash.
  9. Optimized FV Lock and exposure issues in some situations when Mitros+ is in Odin Tx or OP Tx mode.


Phottix Mitros+ for Nikon Version v1.05 Mac and PC Installer

Update 2: The Mac upgrade application is not compatible with the Mavericks OS. It is compatible with the older Mountain Lion OS. We are working on improving this application to provide full compatibility. 




mark crislip June 11, 2014 at 10:08 pm

The Mitros firmware upgrade doesn’t recognize the flash on my Macbook Pro using Mavericks. It says that there was no flash found.

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