Phottix Hero Wireless Live View Remote: A Worthwhile Investment

October 6, 2009

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Phottix Hero was popular at the HKCCF 2009.

Phottix Hero was recently reviewed by

The Phottix Hero Wireless Live View Remote was reviewed by recently. The site gave the Phottix Hero, one of Phottix’s flagship products, a thumbs up.

The Hero was the star of the show at the recent HKCCF in Hong Kong. The wireless live view remote system gives users a live view preview of their viewfinder on a color LCD screen. The receiver can be used up to 100 meters away from the camera, providing a preview, and audio and shutter release functionality. Best of all, the Phottix Hero can be used on cameras with or without live view functions via a viewfinder camera and transmitter.

The review praised the Hero’s build quality and features, and said,

The creative possibilities a device like this could open up could be of particular interest to many different photographers.

For more information on the Phottix Hero see or the Phottix Online Store.



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