Phottix Luna Beauty Dish and Softbox released

July 9, 2013

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish

Softboxes are excellent light modifiers – but let’s face it – assembling them is time-consuming. Standing outside on a windy day trying to assemble a 1 meter Octa is a challenge.

Beauty dishes provide unique lighting – but who wants to lug a beauty dish on location? They’re bulky and cumbersome.

Making your life easier, Phottix announces the new Luna series of softboxes and beauty dishes.

The Luna series uses folding and locking fiberglass rods and an integrated speed ring to take the hassle out of assembly and transportation. Where a traditional octa softbox might take 10 minutes to assemble – the Phottix Luna 110cm Octa can be ready-to-use in 90 seconds.

The Phottix Luna Beauty Dish uses a similar principal. Unlike traditional metal dishes, the Luna dish uses folding and locking fiberglass rods to make it compact and easy to transport without sacrificing on the quality of light.

Phottix Luna Octa Softbox

Phottix Luna Octa Softbox

Eric Younkin, a Texas-based wedding photographer and Phottix Pro Team member says of the new Luna Beauty Dish:

“…the Beauty dish is all I hoped for and more. The quality of light is even and focused with beautiful fall off. I used it yesterday on one of my boom stands straight away above a model and got some amazing results! Love the design and the fact that it’s portable and collapsible. Once again, beautiful stuff!

Both Luna Softboxes and Beauty Dishes come standard with a Bowens-compatible mount (great for use with the Phottix HS Speed Mount and hot shoe flashes like the Phottix Mitros). Compatible mounts for Elinchrom, Profoto and Balcar can be easily swapped out, making the Luna series useable on many popular studio lights.

Luna with Ricky

Manila-based pro and Phottix Pro Team member Ricky Ladia recently took to the streets with the Phottix Luna Beauty Dish and the Phottix Mitros for Nikon (yes, it’s coming). See the full series of photos he shot on his Facebook page.

For pricing on the Luna series see your local Phottix Retailer or jump over to the Phottix Online Store.

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