Phottix Mitros TTL Flash – What are the pros saying?

March 19, 2013

Phottix Mitros Review from Good Light Magazine

Phottix Mitros Review from Good Light Magazine

The Phottix Mitros TTL Flash for Canon debuted last week at WPPI. Members of the Phottix Pro Team have had the opportunity to work with the Mitros for a few months – doing real-world testing. What do they have to say?

The Mitros have just way exceeded my expectations!   The recycle speed was phenomenal and seem much faster than my canon counterparts.

I really put them to the test at my last wedding and not once did they fail to pop.   The combination of the Stratto 2’s and the mitros during my wedding receptions is about as fool proof as it gets.

Phottix also surprised me with the included detachable bounce modifier which dare I say gives almost a magical quality of light!    Full ETTL, HSS, It’s all here and turbo charged!  I absolutely have zero need  for a flash with built in transmitter when I can let the more reliable Stratto 2 quickly and easily change the settings on my off camera strobes…  The Mitros will be a mainstay for all of my future flashgun sessions!

Eric Younkin – Texas, USA

Pinnacle of awesomeness!

Michael Zelbel, Germany

Michael and his team at Good Light Magazine featured the Mitros in several new articles in Good Light Magazine (for iPad).

I have tried just about every small flash system out there and what I like about the Mitros is it just works.  It’s uncomplicated design allows me to work my lighting quickly and concentrate on technique rather than waste time on technical.   Every time I turn it on, I know it will work the way it is supposed to and this has been huge for me in the field.  The optical slave function makes the Mitros a great asset in the studio as well, I use it all the time as an accent light with my other strobes.  Great design, great build quality (and a real sync port!), thanks Phottix!

James Hays, California, USA

The Phottix Mitros is a solid and reliable performer. When a photograph calls for flash, it’s now the first one I reach for.

Craig Ferguson, Taiwan

Craig has written a mini-review of the Mitros with sample photos he has shot. Check out his site for the post.

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