Photog Friday: Jose Antunes

December 23, 2011

Photog Friday returns after long hiatus. Meet Jose Antunes. The Portugal-based Canon shooter is a busy guy. A writer, editor, author and photographer, Jose shoots, “Nature, birds and airplanes.” What are his secrets? How does Jose shoot? Learn more in Photog Friday.

by Jose Antunes

Jose Antunes

Name: Jose Antunes

Country of residence: Portugal

Brief Bio:
Like to take pictures… Journalist and photographer, professional since early eighties (last century, really!) writer, editor of magazines, author of books on Photography… and Virtual Worlds. Have written for Manfrotto School of Xcellence in 2011, and the american website Pixiq. Keep my own photo magazine on the web, in Portuguese, at Updated daily.

How did you first get interested in photography?
When I got hands on my father’s camera and found it would keep people’s soul inside it… Tried to catch bees with it but never could get close enough. Took some time to understand why…

by Jose Antunes

by Jose Antunes

What do you like to shoot?
Nature… birds… and airplanes. And I like to play with light… So, whatever gets light I photograph…

What is your approach to photography, your philosophy? What do you look for? How do you set-up a shot?
I am a slow mover and try to be a slow shooter. Like to understand what I am photographing, believe in contemplation as a means to get the shot. I try to go beyond the obvious. Believe sometimes if you sit down long enough the image will come to you.

by Jose Antunes

by Jose Antunes

What is the best photo you have taken? Why? Background and details, please…
Don’t know, really. Never think about pictures that way. Some days I will love one the other day a new one. I guess my next pictures will be my best. Until a new challenge comes. I am more interested into what pictures give to other people than to think of which images make me feel better. Just being there photographing makes me feel fantastic.

What gear are you using? What else do you want to buy?
Canon all the time. I’ve a Nikon F90 from film days, Minolta APS Vectis SLR, Fujifilm medium format and some compacts, but I’ve had Canon since the Ftb, and I still have a pristine T90 to sell someone. My A-1 was stolen, but I’ve a whole collection of EOS from film days, even the eye-controlled EOS 5… I loved that camera. I want to have a new camera, with a 18-800mm lens that fits in my pocket, is very lightweight and takes pictures in the pitch of the night. But Iam not sitting down waiting for it. I want to get a new camera one of these days, a Canon. And some stuff to bounce the light from my flashes, trigger things far away a.s.o.

Which area of photography would you like to explore further (macro, landscapes, portraits)?
An area that would make me rich… (laughs). I guess as that can not be done, just having the means to follow some of my actual projects without having to think about the money would be great. If someone is interested into knowing and supporting them I can tell more.

by Jose Antunes

by Jose Antunes

Where do you see your photography 5 years from now?
At about the same stage, with a few more tricks up my sleeve. We’re always learning, and that’s the fantastic thing about this craft. There’s always someone coming up with a new idea. But I am too old to change now, I just want to keep rolling and having fun (some money too, if you please…) with it. I guess photography is what keeps me alive. And without many grey hairs…

What’s the best advice you would give to fellow photographers?
Take time to get to know your camera and the technical aspects of photography. Then follow your heart more than the rules.

Where can we find your images?
Mainly at the places I write, I can not say I’ve a portfolio to show. I╒ve images here and there… and everywhere. Check: , as I illustrate some of the articles I write there., my website,, images from a project (I am looking for support), the first pages usually has my latest images passing on a slideshow, and they also have a link to a slideshow with my images, at YouTube

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