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Photog Friday: Underground Down-under

October 8, 2010

“Considering lurking in stormwater drains may be considered as, an unlawful act, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate my head shot,” said Man Underground in his introductory email. Whereever he lurks, above ground or below, Mug, a self-described light painter, has some stunning images in his flickr stream. Colors and textures combine to create captivating captures. Who is Mug? Learn more on today’s Phottix Friday.

Name: Man Underground (a.k.a – Mug)

Country of residence: Australia

Brief Bio: Amateur photog from Melbourne who’s combined urban exploration with night photography (light painting)

How did you first get interested in photography?

Having seen many breath taking photos captured, printed and framed – I too thought I can do that.
..but I yearn for that perfect landscape shot.

What do you like to shoot?
Anything! ..what some may consider boring, other’s may consider brilliant.

What’s your approach to photography, your philosophy?  What do you look for? How do you set-up a shot?
My approach would be to treat the scene with respect, have a look around, take a breath – then visualise the result. Next would be to the take the shot.

What is the best photo you have taken? Why? Background and details, please…
I don’t really have a ‘best’ photo. But to answer the question, it would be a photo titled ‘Keyhole in the dark’. The reason being; this was done inside a stormwater drain, with NO dry ground to place my equipment. So, I used a step iron on the side wall of the drain to hang my gear, whilst I set up the shot. It wasn’t easy.

What gear are you using? What else do you want to buy?
Olympus E-30, 11-22mm, FL-36R, 50mm ..I would love to buy a pro lens or 2 – how much are you paying me for this interview?

Which area of photography would you like to explore further (macro, landscapes, portraits)

All the above, I feel no need to be confined to one particular area of photography.

Where do you see your photography 5 years from now?
Hopefully I will have evolved with greater technique and the realisation of composition/rule of 3rd’s/histograms..etc

What’s the best advice you would give to fellow photographers?
View your photo’s, learn from what you see, more light? slower shutter? do you like the subject you’re shooting?

Where can we find your images?

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