BTS: Rose in wave of fire

January 14, 2013

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Orange rose splash

Patric Berkvist has some interesting images shot with roses, paint and Phottix products.

To take the above shot he used:

2x Canon 580EX II
1x Canon 430EX II
Phottix Odin
Phottix softboxes

430EX II trough home made grid pointed at background

580EX II camera left in 70×70 phottix softbox without diffusor inside walk in closet.

580EX II Camera right, infront of subject. Bare – behind plastic sheet.

Patric has put together a behind the scenes post on his site about the shoot.  As it is in Swedish, a translated to English version (thanks, Google Translate) is available here.

Update: Google Translate is an epic fail. To clarify: The first sentence of the translated post mentioned Patric’s boyfriend – but he is engaged to a woman. There could be some other “gems” thanks to Google. If anything is unclear leave a comment and Patric will answer questions about the set-up.




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John Hammond January 15, 2013 at 9:58 am

Google has got him married now…

“Yesterday when I sat and ate dinner with the kids and my wife, I……

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