Shooting with winter sun presents its own challenges. More great info from Michael Zelbel’s Good Light Magazine. In this Tutorial he covers how to photograph a subject with the sun behind the model and light coming directly into your lens.

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Phottix Pro Teamer Carmen Chan put the new Phottix Strato TTL Flash Trigger for Canon to the test recently.

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This week’s Phottix Weekly Photo comes from flickr’s Paul Aylett – and was posted to Phottix flickr group. How was it captured?

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Phottix Pro Team Shooter and Good Light Magazine Editor Michael Zelbel visited Chinese recently. Team Phottix caught up with him and arranged a shoot in Shanghai.


Photographer Michael Zelbel has an interesting feature in next month’s issue of Good Light Magazine: A Perhaps NSFW Holiday Photo Shoot – All done with the Phottix Atlas II Wireless Trigger.

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