Phottix is releasing the v3.21 firmware upgrade or its Phottix Mitros TTL Transceiver Flashes for Nikon. Firmware Version v3.21 Change logs, install instructions and files are available in the below download links.

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This weekend saw Nikon attacked in a consumer rights program by Chinese State broadcaster  CCTV. The program vocally criticized Nikon over the D600 sensor problems, which is still sold in Chinese stores, and also for the inadequate after care provided to customers.

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Nikon D4s officially unveiled

February 25, 2014

Today Nikon took the D4s out of the glass box and officially announced their new camera. Within a lengthy and adjective heavy press release key details such as a start date of March 6th for shipping and a price tag of $6500 stood out over changes to the processor or video capabilities.

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  DPReview managed to pin down four windswept Nikon Executives to answer and evade questions about Nikon’s future plans. Not surprisingly there was no mention of yesterday’s news of a potential US law suit.

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  US law firm Lief Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein are collecting complaints from angry Nikon D600 users relating to the camera’s problem of collecting larger than normal amounts of dust around the sensor. The law firm’s website states that they are: