Sigma announces new mirrorless cameras, lens and E-mount adapter

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Nikon announced its new “premium series” of Nikon DL series cameras, Ricoh announces WG-M2 action cam.

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Introduced at Photokina 2014, there is no flash triggering system that is more anticipated than the Odin II. It is the result of operational requests from the thousands of happy Odin users who love their TTL flash systems and want even more. Phottix is delivering on all of its promises. And then some.


Firmware v3.23 for Phottix Mitros for Nikon and Phottix Mitros+ for Nikon v1.06 are available for download.

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Last week Nikon released the high end D810, their latest high end DSLR. With the D800 sensor landing a knockout blow to detractors when it was released the new model mostly comes with tweaks. Except in its video capabilities where they kicked the D810’s performance well beyond its predecessor.

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