Firmware v1.04 for Phottix Mitros+ for Sony and v1.03 for Phottix Mitros flashes is available for download. Both optimize the following:

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Yesterday Sony Alpha Rumors reported Sony had fulfilled one of their long held ambitions and managed to pip past Canon in sales figures, well only in Korea but it’s a start. This could be seen as an validation in the strategic value of mirrorless cameras especially in the fight back against smart phones, and yet […]


DSLR shopping habits in 2013 it is fair to say globally Canon won the popularity contest. In real terms being a hit with shoppers for Canon transferred to strong sales and happy share holders

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Weekly Photo: Jumbo

December 4, 2013

This week’s Phottix Weekly Photo comes from Phottix Pro Teamer, Jeza Photo. Sony shooters, Jeremy and Zabrina captured the above shot with Phottix gear.

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As part of a whirlwind China and Hong Kong tour Jeremy Chan and Zabrina Deng of Jeza Photo conducted a small workshop in Hong Kong

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