Nikon D4 stops being sold online as the Nikon D4s is used in Sochi

February 10, 2014

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Olympics: Opening Ceremony

According to NikonRumors several leading US sellers have discontinued the sale of the D4 model, or are listing it as out of stock. Support is now available for the new model despite an official release date yet to be confirmed by Nikon.

Although, that also looks set to change with another separate claim by NikonRumors that within the next 24/48 hrs, depending on which time zone your currently sitting in, the company will officially announce more and allow an end to the speculation on key details. This comes as images of the D4s in action at the Sochi Olympics are making the rounds, capturing the grace and drama of the action.  Suggesting the impressive rumored features of huge ISOs and minutely fine tuned white balances look credible.

 The images being captured at the games are suggesting that the camera is going to be a powerful and impressive option to tempt photographers. To recap the speculation so far, megapixel range is set to stay the same as with the D4 at 16,000, the native ISO will range from 100 to 25,600 and white balance can be tuned by .25 of a Kelvin. Whereas for less everyday features 3D tracking will be available in 9 and 21 points. To keep track of what has been leaked so far the rumors have been collected in to a list by NikonRumors and is available here.

What do you think? Tempted yet?

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