Shorts: Interesting bits I have read recently

March 27, 2011

We all spend a lot of time reading, but what we don’t often get a lot of time to do is to share what we have read. I thought I would share a few interesting and/or imformative articles that I have come across:

  • Front Lens Element Scratches – have you ever wondered what a scratched front element would do to your images? As it turns out, probably not too much. These guys took some pictures with a lens with a completely shattered front element, albeit strange looking, it was no where near as nasty as you would expect –  thanks
  • The tip of the iceberg, how much it all adds up to – this is a scary piece from Thom Hogan showing us all how much we really spend on our photographic pursuits. Just going down the list from camera body, lenses, tripod, accessories and computer gear will probably make you reconsider calling your camera body expensive. He has come up with expenses that I would happily have assigned elsewhere… – Thanks Thom
  • This lens is soft! – a nice explanation as to why specific lenses work better than others on our cameras, written by someone who has access to multiple copies of a wide range of lenses. I think everyone should read this, you will understand why your lenses may appear soft on your friends camera but fine on yours…and as a bonus it will help you stop that iceberg getting out of hand. – thanks CanonRumors


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