Weekly Photo: Sweet Dreams

October 24, 2012

Sweet Dreams

This week’s Phottix Weekly Photo comes from flickr’s PLL Photography – and was posted to Phottix flickr group. A great portrait!

How was it captured?

my son at 14 months.

taken with a Canon 5D II and 50mm f/1.2L lens.
ISO 100
1/200 shutter speed
white balance was set to cloudy in an attempt to match the lamp light.

gridded 22″ beauty dish above with a 580 EX II @ 1/2 power, triggered with Phottix Odins in manual mode.

this shot, other than a bit of sharpening, and a little vignette to set the “mood”, is straight out of camera. the gridded beauty dish did a great job of putting the light where I needed it.

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