Introducing: The Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger

Phottix is ringing in the new year early with its new wireless flash trigger: The Phottix Aster

Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger These compact transmitter and receiver units will trigger compatible flashes up to 30 meters away (100 feet) at sync speeds between 1/160 and 1/200.

The 4 channel transmitters and receivers offer some great features for aspirating strobists. A traditional wireless mode triggers flashes at 433 MHz. The channels selections also offers an “All” function that will trigger all flashes on all channels attached to Phottix Aster receivers – A great function if you’re working with a multi-light setup on different channels.

The Phottix Aster also features a “Light” mode, which turns the receiver into an optical slave. Need to use an on-camera flash and still want to trigger an off-camera flash? A Phottix Aster in “Light” mode solves your problems. The “Light” mode will also let you mix and match triggering systems. Using a Phottix Tetra and not have enough receivers? An Aster receiver in light mode will trigger from flashes triggered by other units.