What’s in store for 2010: Various Digital Camera Rumors

Fireworks NYE20052009 was a big year for digital photography. What happened? New cameras galore: Nikon D3s, D5000, Canon 7D, ID Mark IV, the Olympus E-P line, new Sony and Pentax models.

What’s ahead for 2010? The rumors are flying. With Photokina, one of photography’s premiere trade shows taking place in September 2010, we can expect a very busy year.

What are the current 2010 DSLR rumors?

Canon Rumors

A Canon 3D? Canon Rumors reports a new full-frame model aimed at wedding photographers. The unit will be priced higher than the 5D Mark II. The Canon 1Ds Mark IV is being whispered about. A new sensor and a whopping 32 megapixels are the buzz.

The Canon 60D is also being discussed. Maybe the 60D, rumored to be released after the 2010 Winter Olympics, will repeat the success Canon found with the 40D.