Phottix Cleon I/II reviewed by

The Phottix® Cleon I and II Wireless Shutter Releases have been given a great rating by Kerry Garrison at

The Phottix® Cleon II consists of a small remote control (transmitter), a receiver, and a cable to connect the receiver to the camera. One of the great things about the Phottix Cleon II is that it can be used on different makes and models of cameras, only the cable needs to be changed.

Team Phottix struts their stuff at HKCCF

It was a successful four days for Team Phottix at the Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival. The show, held August 21-24, saw 635,000 people visit the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. There was a never-ending crowd in front of the Phottix booth watching product demonstrations and inquiring about Phottix photo accessories. The Phottix…

New Canon DSLR to be announced August 25?

The rumors are rampant. Sources of have reported Canon will announce a new D-SLR August 25/26, or September 1/2.  Photographers around the world are speculating on the models and possible specs of the new Digital SLR(s). Once school of thought (and some interesting leaks), have a new model, the 7D, being released. Others believe…