Intuitive Science: Photographer Johnny O

From Canada, Photog Friday travels to meet US Photographer Johnny O. The former magazine editor and shooter has branched out on his own, and specializes in automotive photography. The right spot for the right shot can make all of the difference, says Johnny. How did he get started? What are his secrets? Read on…

Name: Johnny O

Country of residence: USA

Brief Bio: Johnny O has spent the last decade working in the print magazine world as the lead photographer, feature editor and contributing editor of several custom enthusiast publications. He has spent those years refining the art of automotive photography down to a creative science and has an intuitive sense of location. The right spot for the right shot can make all of the difference.

How did you first get interested in photography?
I started over 15 years ago in high school and was quickly drawn into the mechanics of the SLR camera as well as the process of developing in the darkroom. The darkroom eventually gave way to Photoshop, but I definitely enjoy the digital process just as much as the physical process.

What do you like to shoot?
My personal passion for building custom vehicles has also turned into a passion for shooting them. Over the years of working in the editorial world I have managed to shoot many of the most amazing vehicles ever built.