Street Photography with the Phottix Hero

Phottix Hero Wireless Live View RemoteThere’s an allure to street photography, capturing fleeting moments of unknown passers-by, telling a story of infinite words with a single image. Sitting in you studio shooting flowers is one thing, taking that award-winning image in the seedy underbelly of a modern metropolis is something else entirely.

Not everyone has the moxie for street photography. Aggressiveness aside, learning how to shoot street scenes is a technical challenge. Shooting candid images of people is difficult. People move, turn their heads, bend to tie a shoe lace. Just as you compose the shot you think will speak to a generation your subject sneezes and you are left with a blurry RAW file. Taking a great street photograph is about speed, technique, and luck. For every 100 photos you take you’ll find a keeper, for every 1000 – one that’s stellar.

You want to be the next Garry Winogrand or Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, but don’t want to take a beating from angry subjects: What are you to do? Take photos on the sly…like a DSLR wielding 007.