One photographer’s year with the Canon EOS 6d

Landscape photographer Graham Clarke has posted an interesting and descriptive review of the Canon EOS 6d after using and working with it for a year. He provides a pretty cool look that reviews purely on camera functionality, not marketing hype or statistics, and reminds you what to consider when buying a new camera. Clarke offers examples of the Canon EOS 6d functioning and durability and how the camera has stood up to the test of over 50,000 shutter activations in some of the planet’s most extreme conditions, think salt flats,mountains deserts.

Camera flash exposure tutorial from Cambridge in Colour

Are you new to the world of flash photography and the step-up from just using a camera to having kit seems slightly bigger than you thought? Or perhaps, you have all the kit but not the right settings and your photos aren’t turning out like expected. In either case its worth taking a look at this tutorial from Cambridge in Colour on Camera Flash:Exposure. As they explain, “Using a camera flash can both broaden the scope and enhance the appearance of your photographic subjects. However, flash is also one of the most confusing and misused of all photographic tools.”