Workshop for Managing Professional Photography Business

A Curated Collection of The Best Photography Courses on Creative Live

It is estimated that the e-learning industry is now worth an astounding $100 billion dollars, and much of this value comes from platforms like Lynda, Coursera, and Udemy that offer users the ability to learn from experts and thought leaders in a variety of fields directly from the comfort of their computer. Inspired by a past post from the Phottix blog archives, we decided to take a look at the photography courses offered on one such platform, Creative Live, and break down the best ones in across a few of Creative Live’s many categories.

The online content available for purchase on Creative Live’s website is a recording of a workshop that has been filmed at Creative Live’s studio in Seattle, Washington. Most workshops are three days long, with each day containing about 4 hours of material, though this varies from course to course. This is worth noting, as most e-learning platforms measure content amounts in hours, not days.