Photos tell commonwealth games story

The commonwealth games proves once again that photos are the defining way to tell any story. The Queen of England has shown that selfies, or photobombs are not just the preserve of teenagers. With quite a deliberate posed smile she snook into the picture above, and in the process making picture desk editors across the world happy.

Now Shipping: Phottix Mitros+ for Sony (Minolta Shoe)

After considerable development and testing Phottix is happy to announce the newest addition to the Phottix Mitros+ family: The Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Sony (Minolta Hot Shoe).

Use the Mitros+ on-camera as a key or fill light, as well as control and trigger other Mitros+ flashes or compatible flashes using Phottix Odin Receivers. The Mitros+ also offers a built-in Phottix Odin Receiver and Strato II Receiver. Existing Phottix triggers, like the Phottix Odin or Strato II can be used to trigger the Mitros+ without extra receivers.


  • GN: 58 Sony-Compatible TTL Flash
  • Built-in: Phottix Odin Transmitter and Receiver, and Strato II Receiver
  • Sony-compatible Master/Slave IR Triggering Modes
  • TTL, Manual and Multi Stroboscopic Modes
  • High Speed Sync
  • AF Assist Light
  • Flash Zoom: 24-105mm
  • External Battery Port, 3.5mm Sync Port
  • Quick Flash Mode