Mirrorless against Nikon D4s in focus stress test

camera store tvThe Camera Store TV have a new YouTube video entitled ‘The Great Mirrorless Autofocus Shoot!‘ If each new mirrorless release promises the fastest focus yet, how do mirrorless cameras compete on quick focus and quick shooting with DSLRs? To answer they pitched four of the best mirrorless cameras against not only themselves but against one of the best DSLR cameras ever released, the Nikon D4s, in an autofocus challenge at a dirt rally track.  

Summer brings new camera releases from both Nikon and Canon

With summer around the corner, and the dust having settled on the D4s the time is right for a new release, or two. Nikon Rumors are providing confirmation that the replacement of the Nikon D800/E will be announced on June 26th. Not to be outdone Canon Rumors are in turn touting that an unnamed camera is to be unveiled in an August announcement. With major pro dealers in Germany being invited for a special July preview, suggesting to the informed observer that the new camera will be at the minimum “prosumer” in functionality.