Finding new sources of income from photography work

weddingA well known saying banded about in business is the adage ‘innovate or die’. In a practice like photography innovation touches on everything from gear to shot composition, but it can be hard to find original new ways to boost the commercial side of things. Over at Expert Photography, Josh Dunlop, puts forward a compelling case for more photographers to offer a registry service as a way to boost their brand awareness, and alleviate the pressure of feeling the need to devalue yourself in order to secure work.

The a7s – Sony’s ISO rival to the D4s

The S stands for sensitive, well not quite it stands for sensitivity. We’re talking about the S is in Sony’s latest camera release, and celebration of new technology, the a7s. In this instance Sony are using sensitivity as a precursor before the words ‘to ISO’ and not because they have boldly decided to launch the world’s first emotionally unstable camera . Believe the marketing previews and the a7s does seem to be incredibly capable when operating in low, low lighting conditions. With the a7s Sony have chosen the opposite strategy to Nikon – who released a modest boost on the D4 with their D4s- by completely re-working, rather than just tweaking, the earlier generation.