The Great Picture gets rare public viewing

Great PictureIn an age of digital photography when some people talk nostalgically about film it is easy to forget that cameras used to have pinholes instead of lenses. Although only taken in 2006 the world’s largest photograph was created with the rather retro method of turning an abandoned aircraft hanger into a massive pinhole camera. The final print stands at a vast 111 x 32 feet in size meaning it is rarely on public display. However, if you find yourself in the US then head to the Smithsonian in Washington between now and December where you can catch a rare glimpse of the picture in all its glory.

18% of US consumers unknowingly buy counterfeit Canon products

Canon battery fakerealCanon have released the results of a survey that reveals in 2013 about 18% of the consumer buying public unknowingly bought counterfeit or fake branded canon products. On top of this Canon reports that 12% of people knowingly bought fake products in 2013 because, according to the research, there is a general perception that fake products are of the same quality as real products. Elaborating further the report states that:

Nikon D4s Review; the Ferrari camera?

Being an evolution on the D4 it seems as if the D4S was always going to be a 5 star model. However, does the camera live up to the marketing promises when tested by professional photographers? Well as it happens Pocket-lint have had a practical play with the new model and produced a review. Authored by working photogs it avoids blabbing on about tech specs, and instead keeps to the purpose of a good review by offering a bounty of opinions, all of which are informed.