Why is a professional wedding photographer not viewed in the same way as a professional hairdresser?

The end of the week on the web offers a chance for idle surfing and browsing of content that normally would slip below the radar. An interesting question was raised this week in an open letter, posted on PetaPixel by Cheri Frost, to Good Morning America criticizing a recent Bride on a Budget wedding segment. Packed with money saving ideas, one of the suggestions made by the presenter was to “save a few hundred dollars and make a college kid happy” by hiring a trainee photographer. On first thoughts that idea sounds agreeable in a way that saying ‘save money and hire a student hairdresser’ does not. It also articulates a problem facing all those involved in creative industries which is, how do you earn respect for your skills and get fair pay for your professional experience.  

Wall Street Journal Video says DSLRs on way to becoming extinct

Yesterday Sony Alpha Rumors reported Sony had fulfilled one of their long held ambitions and managed to pip past Canon in sales figures, well only in Korea but it’s a start. This could be seen as an validation in the strategic value of mirrorless cameras especially in the fight back against smart phones, and yet as far back as August mirrorless cameras were responsible for gloomy news over at Nikon when the company was forced to cut profit forecasts after under performance by their mirrorless section.

Pentax 645Z will bring the words medium format and affordable closer together

An official announcement from Pentax detailing their new 645Z is expected later today. However, the cat is mostly out of the bag after some pretty exciting specs were leaked across various photog websites over the weekend. The pre-release leaks have left fans being able to guess the likely content of Pentax’s announcement and the camera’s capabilities.

Sporting the MF CMOS  sensor, by Sony, Pentax has created a camera capable of both medium format and 4K video, but the BIG joy this camera brings to cash-strapped photographers everywhere is that the 645Z seems set to slip into the market well below the price of rivals.