Camera flash exposure tutorial from Cambridge in Colour

Are you new to the world of flash photography and the step-up from just using a camera to having kit seems slightly bigger than you thought? Or perhaps, you have all the kit but not the right settings and your photos aren’t turning out like expected. In either case its worth taking a look at this tutorial from Cambridge in Colour on Camera Flash:Exposure. As they explain, “Using a camera flash can both broaden the scope and enhance the appearance of your photographic subjects. However, flash is also one of the most confusing and misused of all photographic tools.”

Olypmus join the line to announce new cameras on January 29th

It looks as if we can add Olympus to the list of makers who are expected to officially announce new models next week. Joining Nikon and Fuji who are currently keeping internet forums buzzing after recent leaks of their new models. Olympus appears set to announce several new cameras and lenses. 43Rumors are confidently reporting that at 6.00am GMT Olympus will announce the E-M10, three new MFT lenses, and a new E-M5 with 12-40mm lens kit.

Another day another leak :Nikon D4s spotted

News comes from NikonRumors that the new D4S was spotted being road tested with someone managing to post photos and a sneaky video of the Nikon D4s shutter burst. Sadly the video has quickly disappeared but not before offering a teasing hint (someone did the counting) that the new model will have 12FPS. There is still this photo, which looks suspiciously like a selfie, for fans to salivate over.

Fuji’s double tech intrigue as X-T1 details leaked online and sensor patent revealed

X2_zpsd744af4dNot long after Fuji’s birthday advert had begun yesterday to create a buzz online any mystery surrounding the camera, and the advert’s meaning was dissolved with a series of leaks to fujirumors. Supposedly insiders in Japan confirmed various key facts to the site including confirming that the official announcement will take place on 28th January, as well as tipping off the site to many of the camera’s technical capabilities. Fuji Rumors also had these covert photos of the camera model which were initially posted on a French forum.