Intuitive Science: Photographer Johnny O

From Canada, Photog Friday travels to meet US Photographer Johnny O. The former magazine editor and shooter has branched out on his own, and specializes in automotive photography. The right spot for the right shot can make all of the difference, says Johnny. How did he get started? What are his secrets? Read on…

Name: Johnny O

Country of residence: USA

Brief Bio: Johnny O has spent the last decade working in the print magazine world as the lead photographer, feature editor and contributing editor of several custom enthusiast publications. He has spent those years refining the art of automotive photography down to a creative science and has an intuitive sense of location. The right spot for the right shot can make all of the difference.

How did you first get interested in photography?
I started over 15 years ago in high school and was quickly drawn into the mechanics of the SLR camera as well as the process of developing in the darkroom. The darkroom eventually gave way to Photoshop, but I definitely enjoy the digital process just as much as the physical process.

What do you like to shoot?
My personal passion for building custom vehicles has also turned into a passion for shooting them. Over the years of working in the editorial world I have managed to shoot many of the most amazing vehicles ever built.

What can the Phottix Geo One GPS do?

Fitz globeQuestion: What can the Phottix Geo One GPS do?

Answer: Lots.

Geotagging images is popular. With some simple software the longitude, latitude and altitude information captured with your images can be plotted in popular mapping applications like Google Earth. The Phottix Geo One GPS unit for Nikon DSLRs gives you the ability to add GPS data to your JPG and RAW files. The Geo One is small and mounts on your camera’s hot shoe or strap.

The good folks are Red Dot Photo put together a neat little video on what the Phottix Geo One can do, and how to process GPS data in Adobe Lightroom 2.

Phottix Weekly Photo: Fortaleze Surfer 2

Gadget333 added this spectacular shot to the Phottix Photos group on flickr. About the surfing series from Brazil he said: I took these two shots from the pier known as Ponte dos Ingleses (Bridge of the English) which offered some great views of the local surfers in the hour before sunset. Unfortunately we didn’t take…

Nikon EVIL Surprise, Colorful Olympus E-PL1, and the latest on the Canon 60D

As the industry prepares for the PMA in Anaheim, CA, the rumors are flying.

Nikon Rumors

Nikon Rumors is speculating on the future of the Nikon EVIL camera: Hiroshi Takashima (General Manger of Imaging Division at Nikon) said in an interview that Nikon has some surprises up it’s sleeve this year. Stay tuned for more.

Pre-PMA, Nikon is scheduled to make an announcement February 3.  What about? No new DSLRs apparently. Nikon Rumors reports that four new CoolPics cameras will be released. Two lenses, the AF-S 24mm f/1.4 prime and the AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR zoom lenses could be announced, as well as two new teleconverters.

The new Nikon 300mm f/2.8G AF-S ED VR II lens has been reported  in stock. Check your favorite online retailer for more info.

Expanding the boundaries: Photog Kamil Bialous

From last week’s Pacific Island-based Photog Friday we travel to the (currently) frozen expanses of Canada to meet Adventure Photographer Kamil Bialous. He enjoys chopping wood, skiing, recreation plumbing, and has been known to shoot a photo or two. Working as a pro commercial and editorial photographer, Kamil specializes in outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography. How does he do it? What are his secrets? Where’s he headed? Read on and learn more about this gifted tog…

Name: Kamil Bialous

Country of residence: Canada (Toronto)

Brief Bio:
My name is Kamil Bialous. I’m a professional commercial and editorial photographer from Toronto, Ontario. My work focuses primarily around outdoor adventure and lifestyle imagery, as well as travel and documentary photography services.

I enjoy surfing, travel, meeting new people, suffering a little bit, Bill Withers, navigating large ships into small ports, chopping wood, recreational plumbing, having a camera at my side, skiing, good snow, skiing on good snow, finding places that are hard to get to, trying to get to those places, learning languages and then thinking that I am good at them, creating new perspectives, working through problems, and people – curmudgeonly and not – but especially those who have passion.

I am based out of Toronto where I live with two cats, Abraham and Owl, and my fiancee.

How did you first get interested in photography?
My interests in photography didn’t begin until I was about 18 years old, and that is when I took a trip to Malawi, Zambia, and South Africa to volunteer for a summer at the end of high school. I really enjoyed photographing people the most, even though we did get a chance to go on a couple safaris. Upon my return I studied International Development which was quite heavily influenced by my trip. When my studies finished, I knew that I didn’t want a cubicle job, so while being heavily involved in the outdoors, rock climbing in particular, I started shooting it. That led to other adventures, with passionate people always being at the core of my images.