Enter a hidden world with Phottix 3-Ring Auto-Focus Extension Tubes


A whole photographic world lays hidden from sight. Broaden your photographic horizons with Phottix Macro AF Extension Tubes for Nikon and Canon Digital SLR cameras. Shoot macro images without macro lenses.

Unlike traditional extension tubes the new Phottix AF tubes feature electronic connections for lens autofocus and aperture functions.

Macro extension tubes are an inexpensive way to experiment with macro photography. Flowers, insects – anything you can think of – can be photographed in minute detail. There’s no need to spend several hundred dollars to photograph the hidden world.

Nikon EVIL to be announced later this year?

The rumor mill has been buzzing the last few days about a Nikon EVIL camera. For those into acronyms: EVIL = Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens.

An announcement from Nikon is rumored for August or September of 2010 – perhaps at the Photokina show in Germany. Nikon Rumors has posted a artist’s conception of the Nikon EVIL as well as illustrations from recent Nikon patent applications.

Four thirds cameras are “the thing” to watch in 2010. A Canon EVIL is in the works, and Sony is rumored to be working on something similar, a competitor for the Panasonic GH-1.

Enter the haters. Wired Magazine published an article on 5 Reasons to Ditch your DSLR.  Photographer Ken Rockwell has predicted:

The 2000s were the DSLR decade. Those days are over. DSLRs are about as relevant today as dial-up modems and SCSI-conected scanners. The 2010s are the decade DSLRs died.

That seems a little far-fetched. An oracle of Delphi Ken Rockwell is not.

Phottix Hero and Hector showcased at CES

The Phottix Hero and Hector LiveView Remotes were featured at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier in January. The wired and wireless LiveView DSLR Remotes were shown to more than 112,515 attendees as part of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) product showcase.

The Phottix Hero Wireless LiveView Remote and the Phottix Hector LiveView Remote won the Bronze Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products Award from the HKTDC during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October 2009. The HKTDC displayed the award-winning remotes at the CES.

The Phottix Hero Wireless LiveView Remote sends a video preview from a camera’s viewfinder to a remote unit, and displays it on a color LCD screen. A photographer can take photographs from the remote, up to 100 meters away. The Hero is perfect for aerial, wildlife, street and sports photography.

An artist first: Photographer Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson considers himself an artist first and a photographer second. He bought his first camera a 7 years old and was instantly hooked. His current goal is to bring boudoir photography back to his ultra-conservative community.  What are Ben’s secrets? How does he set up his shots? Read more in today’s Photog Friday.

Name: Ben Lawson

Country of residence: USA

How did you first get interested in photography?
When I was around 7 years old, I bought an old manual twin-lens reflex camera at an auction. Being a kid and a beginner gave me the freedom to experiment. I was hooked as soon as my first prints came back from the lab. It was a sad day when the film it used was discontinued, and I had to retire my beloved first camera!

What do you like to shoot?
I think of myself as an artist first, a photographer second. I shoot subjects and concepts that interest me, or challenge me to expand my skills. I love working with other people, not just clients but models, makeup artists, etc. The experience of collaboration on an art project has always been very rewarding.

What’s your approach to photography, your philosophy?
As I said, I am an artist first. Although I have quite a range of subject matter and themes, they are all intended to create a body of art. Even client work like weddings and portraits are approached with the same goal in mind. I loathe the traditional formal portrait, and strive to have fun and be creative with everything I do. I collaborate with every client and model to convey their unique personality along with my own vision.