What’s in store for 2010: Various Digital Camera Rumors

Fireworks NYE20052009 was a big year for digital photography. What happened? New cameras galore: Nikon D3s, D5000, Canon 7D, ID Mark IV, the Olympus E-P line, new Sony and Pentax models.

What’s ahead for 2010? The rumors are flying. With Photokina, one of photography’s premiere trade shows taking place in September 2010, we can expect a very busy year.

What are the current 2010 DSLR rumors?

Canon Rumors

A Canon 3D? Canon Rumors reports a new full-frame model aimed at wedding photographers. The unit will be priced higher than the 5D Mark II. The Canon 1Ds Mark IV is being whispered about. A new sensor and a whopping 32 megapixels are the buzz.

The Canon 60D is also being discussed. Maybe the 60D, rumored to be released after the 2010 Winter Olympics, will repeat the success Canon found with the 40D.

Phottix Weekly Photo: Berni

Some photographers are doing amazing things with Phottix Professional Photo Accessories. The above image, Berni, was shot by H. Tamás using Phottix Tetra PT-04 Wireless Flash Triggers. Visit the photo on flickr and read the lighting details. Are you on flickr? Visit the Phottix Photos group. If you have photograph taken using Phottix Accessories –…

Introducing: The Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger

Phottix is ringing in the new year early with its new wireless flash trigger: The Phottix Aster

Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger These compact transmitter and receiver units will trigger compatible flashes up to 30 meters away (100 feet) at sync speeds between 1/160 and 1/200.

The 4 channel transmitters and receivers offer some great features for aspirating strobists. A traditional wireless mode triggers flashes at 433 MHz. The channels selections also offers an “All” function that will trigger all flashes on all channels attached to Phottix Aster receivers – A great function if you’re working with a multi-light setup on different channels.

The Phottix Aster also features a “Light” mode, which turns the receiver into an optical slave. Need to use an on-camera flash and still want to trigger an off-camera flash? A Phottix Aster in “Light” mode solves your problems. The “Light” mode will also let you mix and match triggering systems. Using a Phottix Tetra and not have enough receivers? An Aster receiver in light mode will trigger from flashes triggered by other units.

3 Gifts for Photographers you can buy without leaving the house

You’re almost out of time. Why did you wait until the last minute?  The idea of going to the mall or a shop is frightening: Too many people doing last minute Christmas shopping.

Sound familiar?

There are gifts for the photographers on your Christmas list you can buy without the hassle of malls and crowds. Gifts they will love. Be a hero, a super Mr. and Mrs. Claus,  and never leave your desk.

Photography gifts without leaving your house

1. Photography E-books

Every photographer wants to improve. Photography is a lot like golf: It takes a lot of practice, and success is dependent on many variables. Help the shutterbug in your life improve their skills with an e-book for Christmas. Digital Photography School recently released The Essential Guide to Portrait Photography – a 78-page downloadable e-book. (Editor’s note: This is a great book, a must have.)

The Secrets of Digital Photography website (digitalsecrets.net) has many well reviewed e-books on Nikon and Canon cameras, as well as other topics.

Looking for the moment: Photographer John Lander

John Lander looks for the moment when setting up his shots. His images are memorable – scenes of Japan and Asia that have appeared in Forbes, Asian Geographic, and The Toronto Star. What are his secrets? How did he get started? What lies ahead? Read this week’s Photog Friday and learn more about professional photographer John Lander.

Name: John Lander

Country of residence: Japan

Brief Bio:
John Lander is a freelance writer and photographer based in Japan with a passion for Japanese gardens, Japanese cuisine and festivals. John’s credits include photos and articles published by Travel+Leisure, Forbes, Camping Life, Diversion, Asian Geographic, The Japan Times, The Toronto Star, Sydney Morning Post,The Australian among many others. Other clients include Twentieth Century Fox, Hachette Media, Asahi Press and McGraw-Hill.

How did you first get interested in photography?

Originally my interest was in travel writing but when I learned that editors, especially at newspapers vastly prefer text+photo packages over only text, I decided to hone my skills and invest in good lenses and cameras. Along the way I discovered I was better at the photography than the writing, and enjoyed it more, too.

What do you like to shoot?
My subject of choice is Japanese gardens though I am also interested in food photography.