Nikon EVIL to be announced later this year?

The rumor mill has been buzzing the last few days about a Nikon EVIL camera. For those into acronyms: EVIL = Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens.

An announcement from Nikon is rumored for August or September of 2010 – perhaps at the Photokina show in Germany. Nikon Rumors has posted a artist’s conception of the Nikon EVIL as well as illustrations from recent Nikon patent applications.

Four thirds cameras are “the thing” to watch in 2010. A Canon EVIL is in the works, and Sony is rumored to be working on something similar, a competitor for the Panasonic GH-1.

Enter the haters. Wired Magazine published an article on 5 Reasons to Ditch your DSLR.  Photographer Ken Rockwell has predicted:

The 2000s were the DSLR decade. Those days are over. DSLRs are about as relevant today as dial-up modems and SCSI-conected scanners. The 2010s are the decade DSLRs died.

That seems a little far-fetched. An oracle of Delphi Ken Rockwell is not.

Updating a legend: Canon Releases 70-200 f/2.8 IS II USM

Canon’s new L Series lens, the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II USM was announced January 5. The highly anticipated announcement offers photographers new features and an improved IS system.

The updated lens features a re-designed optical system, with 23 elements in 19 groups, with a fluorite element and no fewer than five ultra-low dispersion (UD) elements. These changes, says Canon in their media release, drastically reduces chromatic aberration through the zoom range and produces edge-to-edge definition in high contrast images.

The lens’s new autofocus system is geared towards Canon’s new DSLRs, the 1D Mark IV and 7D. This updated model features a ring-type USM AF motor. When combined with a new high-speed CPU and AF algorithm, focusing is both faster and quieter.

What’s in store for 2010: Various Digital Camera Rumors

Fireworks NYE20052009 was a big year for digital photography. What happened? New cameras galore: Nikon D3s, D5000, Canon 7D, ID Mark IV, the Olympus E-P line, new Sony and Pentax models.

What’s ahead for 2010? The rumors are flying. With Photokina, one of photography’s premiere trade shows taking place in September 2010, we can expect a very busy year.

What are the current 2010 DSLR rumors?

Canon Rumors

A Canon 3D? Canon Rumors reports a new full-frame model aimed at wedding photographers. The unit will be priced higher than the 5D Mark II. The Canon 1Ds Mark IV is being whispered about. A new sensor and a whopping 32 megapixels are the buzz.

The Canon 60D is also being discussed. Maybe the 60D, rumored to be released after the 2010 Winter Olympics, will repeat the success Canon found with the 40D.

New Nikon Lens and Canon 7D Antarctic extreme weather test

On the Nikon front

Nikon Rumors is reporting that Nikon 85mm f/3.5G DX Micro lens now available.

A recent post on the same site said the new Nikon D3s would be in short supply in Canada over the next six months. Nikon issued a clarification saying they don’t expect shortages unless there is higher than expected sales during December.

Two fun things: Nikon Rumors is holding a Nikon Lomography kit giveaway, and is hosting a poll: Tell Nikon what you want in the Nikon D700 replacement

News from the Canon World

Canon Rumors has a sneak peek at the new Canon 5D Mark II firmware upgrade which has appeared various places online. The rumored firmware will give shooters the ability to record 1080p video at 24 frames-per-second, and also 720p video at a blistering 60 frames-per-second.

Canon EVIL? Nikon D3s on the streets

4/3 is reporting a rumored new model: The Canon GIII Evil system (EVIL = Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens). Will Canon enter into the Micro 4/3 melee?  4/3 says their source is reliable. Canonrumors has no details. When will the new Canon 1D Mark IV be on the streets? That depends where you live.…