The Science to Sensor Stack thickness

What do you do when you notice that pictures aren’t coming out the way you expected? If your Robert Cicala you investigate, and investigate he did.

Photography is itself an art form, but behind one art form lie many more; innovation, science, gear, settings, composition to name a few. In a recent series of posts, on PetaPixel, Lens Rental’s Roger Cicala set about investigating and explaining why sensor stack thickness is not just an innoculous technical spec on your camera. In short, do not buy a new lens before reading the rest of this post.

The a7s – Sony’s ISO rival to the D4s

The S stands for sensitive, well not quite it stands for sensitivity. We’re talking about the S is in Sony’s latest camera release, and celebration of new technology, the a7s. In this instance Sony are using sensitivity as a precursor before the words ‘to ISO’ and not because they have boldly decided to launch the world’s first emotionally unstable camera . Believe the marketing previews and the a7s does seem to be incredibly capable when operating in low, low lighting conditions. With the a7s Sony have chosen the opposite strategy to Nikon – who released a modest boost on the D4 with their D4s- by completely re-working, rather than just tweaking, the earlier generation.

Nikon D4s Review; the Ferrari camera?

Being an evolution on the D4 it seems as if the D4S was always going to be a 5 star model. However, does the camera live up to the marketing promises when tested by professional photographers? Well as it happens Pocket-lint have had a practical play with the new model and produced a review. Authored by working photogs it avoids blabbing on about tech specs, and instead keeps to the purpose of a good review by offering a bounty of opinions, all of which are informed.

Wall Street Journal Video says DSLRs on way to becoming extinct

Yesterday Sony Alpha Rumors reported Sony had fulfilled one of their long held ambitions and managed to pip past Canon in sales figures, well only in Korea but it’s a start. This could be seen as an validation in the strategic value of mirrorless cameras especially in the fight back against smart phones, and yet as far back as August mirrorless cameras were responsible for gloomy news over at Nikon when the company was forced to cut profit forecasts after under performance by their mirrorless section.