Phottix big live view displays and flash trigger at PMA 2010

Team Phottix unveiled three other new products during PMA 2010 in Anaheim, California.

The new Phottix Strato is a 2.4 GHz wireless flash trigger for speedlight-type flashes and studio strobes. What makes the Phottix Strato different is a hot shoe attachment on the transmitter. Photographers can mount a flash on the transmitter (on camera) and use TTL flash functions and auto-focus assist lights. The transmitter will also trigger a remote flash using a Strato receiver (in manual mode).

Based on suggestions from wedding photographers, Phottix developed the Strato to give shooters both the freedom of TTL and the ability to trigger fill flashes. The Phottix Strato will be ready in April 2010. Final specifications and sales information will be released when available.

The Phottix Hero and Phottix Hector Live View Remotes have won innovation awards for their functionally and uses. Adding to this celebrated product line Phottix will be releasing the Hector 9HD and the Hero 7.

Phottix Hero gets shout-out from PMA

The Phottix Hero received a PMA  “shout out” from photography writer Robert Franner. In his piece on Day 2 at the PMA, he mentioned the Phottix Live View Wireless Remote. Franner said the Phottix Hero provides “much greater versatility,” that comparable products and great compatibility as it works with many DLSR models. The Phottix Hero…

Happy Chinese New Year from Phottix

Happy New Year  – 新年快乐 – from Phottix. Chinese New Year starts February 14 and Phottix Professional Photo Accessories is celebrating with you – by offering a special discount. All across Asia, people will be celebrating the arrival of the Year of the Tiger with family and friends. As part of the Phottix extended family…

What can the Phottix Geo One GPS do?

Fitz globeQuestion: What can the Phottix Geo One GPS do?

Answer: Lots.

Geotagging images is popular. With some simple software the longitude, latitude and altitude information captured with your images can be plotted in popular mapping applications like Google Earth. The Phottix Geo One GPS unit for Nikon DSLRs gives you the ability to add GPS data to your JPG and RAW files. The Geo One is small and mounts on your camera’s hot shoe or strap.

The good folks are Red Dot Photo put together a neat little video on what the Phottix Geo One can do, and how to process GPS data in Adobe Lightroom 2.