Enter a hidden world with Phottix 3-Ring Auto-Focus Extension Tubes


A whole photographic world lays hidden from sight. Broaden your photographic horizons with Phottix Macro AF Extension Tubes for Nikon and Canon Digital SLR cameras. Shoot macro images without macro lenses.

Unlike traditional extension tubes the new Phottix AF tubes feature electronic connections for lens autofocus and aperture functions.

Macro extension tubes are an inexpensive way to experiment with macro photography. Flowers, insects – anything you can think of – can be photographed in minute detail. There’s no need to spend several hundred dollars to photograph the hidden world.

Phottix Hero and Hector showcased at CES

The Phottix Hero and Hector LiveView Remotes were featured at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier in January. The wired and wireless LiveView DSLR Remotes were shown to more than 112,515 attendees as part of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) product showcase.

The Phottix Hero Wireless LiveView Remote and the Phottix Hector LiveView Remote won the Bronze Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products Award from the HKTDC during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in October 2009. The HKTDC displayed the award-winning remotes at the CES.

The Phottix Hero Wireless LiveView Remote sends a video preview from a camera’s viewfinder to a remote unit, and displays it on a color LCD screen. A photographer can take photographs from the remote, up to 100 meters away. The Hero is perfect for aerial, wildlife, street and sports photography.

Introducing: The Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger

Phottix is ringing in the new year early with its new wireless flash trigger: The Phottix Aster

Phottix Aster Wireless Flash Trigger These compact transmitter and receiver units will trigger compatible flashes up to 30 meters away (100 feet) at sync speeds between 1/160 and 1/200.

The 4 channel transmitters and receivers offer some great features for aspirating strobists. A traditional wireless mode triggers flashes at 433 MHz. The channels selections also offers an “All” function that will trigger all flashes on all channels attached to Phottix Aster receivers – A great function if you’re working with a multi-light setup on different channels.

The Phottix Aster also features a “Light” mode, which turns the receiver into an optical slave. Need to use an on-camera flash and still want to trigger an off-camera flash? A Phottix Aster in “Light” mode solves your problems. The “Light” mode will also let you mix and match triggering systems. Using a Phottix Tetra and not have enough receivers? An Aster receiver in light mode will trigger from flashes triggered by other units.