Nikon D4s Review; the Ferrari camera?

Being an evolution on the D4 it seems as if the D4S was always going to be a 5 star model. However, does the camera live up to the marketing promises when tested by professional photographers? Well as it happens Pocket-lint have had a practical play with the new model and produced a review. Authored by working photogs it avoids blabbing on about tech specs, and instead keeps to the purpose of a good review by offering a bounty of opinions, all of which are informed.

Are Pentax bringing anti-aliasing innovation to rival Nikon and Canon?

pentax k3Yesterday it seemed that TechRadar had highlighted in their comparisons of Nikon and Canon the depressing similarity of features, and quality offered by the two dominant camera makers. It emphasized the fact that real consumer choice was offered in upgrades, but not in like for like purchases. A review by DP Review of the Pentax K-3 brings hope that innovation and diversity isn’t quite dead, as Pentax land a hit in the pro-sumer, professional end of the market.