CP+ Fair promises new products


With the theme “Joy and Beauty through Advance Photo Imaging Technology”, the 2014 event promises to call attention anew to the various “powers” of photography through four days of product and photo exhibitions and a wide range of events that provide the joy of “shooting”, “viewing” and “connecting” pictures. Attracting all the major camera manufactures the timing of this years fair looks set to see several consumer rather than professional focused models and accessories released by the likes of Nikon, Fuji, Canon and more.

Camera flash exposure tutorial from Cambridge in Colour

Are you new to the world of flash photography and the step-up from just using a camera to having kit seems slightly bigger than you thought? Or perhaps, you have all the kit but not the right settings and your photos aren’t turning out like expected. In either case its worth taking a look at this tutorial from Cambridge in Colour on Camera Flash:Exposure. As they explain, “Using a camera flash can both broaden the scope and enhance the appearance of your photographic subjects. However, flash is also one of the most confusing and misused of all photographic tools.”

Social Media explained for the professional photographer; networking instead of ‘not-working’

Everyday I link to, or follow links on facebook, twitter, instagram and the rest which take me off to some random new corner of the internet. Keeping up active accounts across all the available platforms is both tiring and distracting but if you want to broaden your audience, make things happen or build an empire then social networking sites are the best place for it. Good news then that Photoventure have sat down and come up with a pretty definitive and useful set of tips on social media for photographers.