Wall Street Journal Video says DSLRs on way to becoming extinct

Yesterday Sony Alpha Rumors reported Sony had fulfilled one of their long held ambitions and managed to pip past Canon in sales figures, well only in Korea but it’s a start. This could be seen as an validation in the strategic value of mirrorless cameras especially in the fight back against smart phones, and yet as far back as August mirrorless cameras were responsible for gloomy news over at Nikon when the company was forced to cut profit forecasts after under performance by their mirrorless section.

How to handle a memory card disaster and recover deleted photos

Signpost along the road to recovery.Our eyes were drawn to an article by Scott Daveley on PetaPixel about his experience of recovering photos from a corrupted memory card. In the process Daveley discovered a program that while helping him save his corrupted pictures also recovered photos from the card that he had previously deleted on his camera. However, we’ll leave speculation here as to why a photographer may find this a useful feature and instead focus on the less legally grey function of the program which is the file recovery process that Daveley undertook.