How to take a group shot?

There is a reason the National Geographic remains the home of powerful and innovative photography. It’s because they have experienced people chipping in and guiding the next generation. And, with the blessing of the internet SEOs we have the ability to go back and cherry pick their best features. Good advice rarely changes. This composition advice from photojournalist Jim Richardson is wise and well written. For how, exactly, do you manage a group shot?

Finding new sources of income from photography work

weddingA well known saying banded about in business is the adage ‘innovate or die’. In a practice like photography innovation touches on everything from gear to shot composition, but it can be hard to find original new ways to boost the commercial side of things. Over at Expert Photography, Josh Dunlop, puts forward a compelling case for more photographers to offer a registry service as a way to boost their brand awareness, and alleviate the pressure of feeling the need to devalue yourself in order to secure work.

How to handle a memory card disaster and recover deleted photos

Signpost along the road to recovery.Our eyes were drawn to an article by Scott Daveley on PetaPixel about his experience of recovering photos from a corrupted memory card. In the process Daveley discovered a program that while helping him save his corrupted pictures also recovered photos from the card that he had previously deleted on his camera. However, we’ll leave speculation here as to why a photographer may find this a useful feature and instead focus on the less legally grey function of the program which is the file recovery process that Daveley undertook.

Camera flash exposure tutorial from Cambridge in Colour

Are you new to the world of flash photography and the step-up from just using a camera to having kit seems slightly bigger than you thought? Or perhaps, you have all the kit but not the right settings and your photos aren’t turning out like expected. In either case its worth taking a look at this tutorial from Cambridge in Colour on Camera Flash:Exposure. As they explain, “Using a camera flash can both broaden the scope and enhance the appearance of your photographic subjects. However, flash is also one of the most confusing and misused of all photographic tools.”