Phottix POTD – Sanya

More stellar work from the one and only CM Leung. ⠀⠀

Sanya Pre wedding⠀

photo by : +M Sanya team⠀
retouch : CMPP⠀
camera : Sony Hong Kong A7rll ⠀
lighting : @Phottix #Indra500⠀⠀
pre wedding and wedding enquiry :⠀⠀


Phottix POTD – Low Key

Great images from @jiggiealejandrino⠀⠀ Kim Mangrobang⠀ Makeup by Chuchay Salud⠀ Styled by Chanda Faustino Espiritu⠀⠀ Shot with a four lights. Two Phottix Professional Photo Accessories Indra500 on camera left and right at the side of the subject. Beauty dishes with grids were used as the main modifier. Two Phottix Mitros+ units were put behind the…